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Wonder Group Launched Three New Products in 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018-05-03
The Laboratory of Jinzhou Wanyou Was Accredited by CNAS 2018-05-03
We cordially invite you to participating Wonder Group’s “Ultimate safety, Intelligent driving” new products launch event. 2018-04-18
Piston Rods from Wanyou Supplied to Global Luxury Cars 2018-04-03
Wonder Sponsored Racing Team of Liaoning University of Technology Galloping on FSC Track 2018-04-03
2018 Annual Meeting of Wonder Group Held in Jinzhou 2018-02-13
Top 10 News of Wonder Group in 2017 2018-02-13
Wonder Group Successfully Surpassed the Sales Target of 6 Billion RMB 2018-01-03
Wonder Group Was Awarded Top 100 Chinese Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers 2017-12-18
The Sales of iDAS Reached 20000 Sets 2017-12-18
Acting Governor of Liaoning Province Visited Wonder Group 2017-12-18
Wonder Group Attended the 67th International Motor Show in Frankfurt 2017-10-31
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