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The Laboratory of Jinzhou Wanyou Was Accredited by CNAS

The laboratory of Jinzhou Wanyou Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd. was accredited on April 6 for the competence of testing and calibration by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (hereinafter referred to as CNAS). It is the fifth subsidiary of Wonder Group that has been accredited by CNAS besides Jinzhou Halla, Jinzhou Jinheng, Shenyang Jinbei Jinheng and Jinan Worldwide.


CNAS is the national accreditation body of China unitarily responsible for the accreditation of certification bodies, laboratories and inspection bodies. The successful accredit marks the improved management and testing capability of Wanyou and contribution to enhancing credibility and reputation of Wonder. Certificates and testing reports issued by these five national laboratories can be mutually recognized among domestic similar CNAS testing agencies, Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and national and regional accreditation bodies that have signed mutual recognition agreements.

Testing Center of JHEECO Research Institute
The testing center of JHEECO Research Institute is the most advanced simulation laboratory of engine in China and the only national testing center in this field. With over 50 testing equipment, engine low temperature refrigeration laboratory and noise laboratory, the testing center can do performance test, endurance test, environment test and vehicle test in accordance with different engine characters.


Experimental Department of Jinzhou Jinheng
The laboratory is capable to do full-scale impact test and bled test like frontal impact, angular impact, pillar impact and side impact, etc. Experiments on spare parts can also be done here including airbag static initiation, environmental test, fatigue test, noise test and drop test, etc. More than 5000 vehicle tests have been performed accumulatively. The first Chinese super sled can simulate real vehicle collision and has been recognized by both Volkswagen and Audi.


Laboratory of Shenyang Jinbei Jinheng
The laboratory is mainly engaged in performance tests on seatbelt assembly and components and has been recognized by domestic OEMs like Chery, Geely and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, etc. The laboratory has 41 precise instruments including acceleration sled, emergency locking tester, automatic tilt locking tester and coiling & pulling test bench and can do various test like buckle opening force test, coil spring endurance test and spring torque test, etc.


Testing Center of Ji’nan Worldwide
Consisted of measuring room and physical & chemical analysis room, the testing center has obtained verification certificate on Vickers hardness test, analysis of chemical composition in stainless steel, nitriding depth determination and average grain size of metal issued by China NIL Research Center for Proficiency Testing. The center was also awarded Standard Hemisphere calibration certificate by National Institute of Metrology.


R&D Experimental Center of Jinzhou Wanyou
As the youngest national laboratory of Wonder Group, the R&D experimental center was set up in 2016 and serves as a multifunctional laboratory integrating detection, development, metrology and calibration. The center has many precise instruments including coordinate measuring machine, spectrum analyzer and universal material testing machine, etc. and can be engaged in research and development on piston rods, shafts and shock absorbers.


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