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Wonder Group Launched Three New Products in 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Wonder Group launched three new products in the 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on April 26, 2018. Representatives of more than 40 OEMs and about 20 news media attended the event. The founder of Wonder Group Zhao Qingjie and the president of Wonder Group Zeng Qingdong were also present.


Three new products reflect the overall strength and first-class R&D capacity of Wonder:

Center Airbag (Jinzhou Jinheng): all-round upgrade of traditional concept of airbag. Damage caused by secondary collision between driver and passenger can be effectively avoided in side collision accident. It has won national invention patent.


H7 Retractor Pre-tensioner (Shenyang Jinbei Jinheng): a breakthrough in domestic automobile passive safety industry. It has filled the blank of domestic high performance retractor pre-tensioner products. Relevant technical parameters are in line with the international market.


HSG Motor (Jinzhou Halla): important technical support in hybrid power field. The motor is mainly applied in new energy vehicles and offers obvious effect in fuel saving and emission reduction. It’s adaptive to hybrid P0 or P1.


In the mean time, Wonder also demonstrated other innovation products in the exhibition:

Newly Upgraded Intelligent Driving Assistant System (iDAS): integrated various functions including air quality detection, intelligent tire pressure monitoring, speech recognition and management of logistics vehicle & commuter vehicle, etc.


Vibrant Steering Wheel: early warning to drivers of off-track, fatigue driving and distance between vehicles, etc. through the vibrant of sensors arranged inside the wheel. Other functions like identification of driver’s biological features, heart rate, blood pressure and alcohol detection can also be integrated in the future.


Self-driving Simulation Platform: one key technology of Wonder Group in developing self-driving technologies. The platform can simulate real driving feelings by imitating the mapping relationship between steering wheel and tyre.


Adhering to the development philosophy of safety, intelligence and environmental protection, Wonder Group is actively enhancing its competitiveness to transform from traditional manufacturer of auto parts to intelligent driving system supplier and solution provider.

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